Online Code Academy

Smart Diversity Online Code Academy works with schools, families and community groups to help kids and youth develop critical skill coding and robotics in a fun and exciting way. The new generation of kids and youth are up in a world where technology is embedded everywhere in their daily lives. They use mobile and computers to learn, socialize and play with peers, friends and family members. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for young learners to understand the language of this digital age - that is the language of code.

Why Coding?

Coding is a critical skill need across industries

By learning to code, young learners will develop other 21st century skills including critical thinking, problem solving, organization, storytelling and creativity. To develop this potential, learning to code is best to learn at an early age.

Coding is basic literacy

Coding is becoming a form of reading and writing in a world where humans interact with machines and devices. Coding is becoming very important for meaningful living in a world driven by IoT and AI.

Coding is transformative

In the past, people need to write to spread ideas and create things, and induce a change in the world around them. Today, it is critical for people to code to breathe life into ideas and things.

Why Smart Diversity Online Code Academy? What do you get?

  1. Course: 12 classes per term
  2. Class Duration: 1.5 hours, with access to Google Classroom to continue learning from home during the week
  3. Weekly Classes: twice a week
  4. Teacher-student Ratio: 1:4
  5. Individual feedback from Instructor
  6. Project-based learning: students are required to complete a course with a project to reflect skill and personal creativity
  7. Opportunities for continuous learning and skill development
  8. Access to assessment portal